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today. good public servants, people well-trained and were in the line of defense. i think everything really worked as well as it could have worked at lax today where law enforcement people stepped in and saved a lot of lives, did what they were trained to do, whether it was the tsa, whether it was the police. the system worked pretty well, piers. and i think we should all take a great deal of comfort in knowing that the system that was put in place after 9/11, the system that has kept a lot of americans safe on aircraft worked well today. >> i totally endorse what you're saying. there are calls from certain sections that the only answer to an incident like this is for the tsa to be armed themselves. what was your reaction be to that? >> well, piers, let -- let me just say that's a silly idea. it's a dumb idea. it would not work. what happened today was the law enforcement people add lax, the lax police, the people that are trained at the airport to intervene did that and they saved a lot of lives. the tsa people did what they were supposed to do, which made sure that people were take
create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. >>> there's something wrong. you know, with tilikum. there's something wrong, and that's -- when you have a relationship with an animal and you understand that he's killing not to be a savage. he's not killing just because he's crazy. he's not killing because he doesn't know what he's doing. he's killing because he's frustrated and he's got aggravations and he doesn't know how to -- he has no outlet for it. >> now tilikum is spending a great deal of time by himself and basically floating lifeless in a pool. >> three hours now and he hasn't moved. >> they try to sugar coat it by saying he comes out in the front pool every once in awhile. now he's doing shows. you know what he does in his show? he does a few bows and then he goes back into his little jail cell. that's his life. >> i feel sad for tilikum. a regal thing like him swimming around the tank with his fin flopped over like that compared to a wild bull killer whale that size. one of the most kinetic and dynamic things you ca
before? >> there is no defense to that. i would never defend him on that. that's so ridiculous and frustrating because again, this was his great signature achievement. >> why didn't he know a month before when all these warning signs apparently were there that it wasn't ready. >> right. >> it was failing. is it really credible that the president's whose legacy may be based on this didn't know anything about it being problematic. >> i thought he was the detail guy and as michael moore said on my show on friday night, you know, young people, the ones trying to sign up, this is a glitch in the world they live in. >> this is grand dad not knowing how to use -- >> well, if i use the clicker will i get coverage? so it's just -- this is just no way to excuse this or to say it's a good thing but again, we'll see where we are in a month. >> let's play a clip. this is what eric cantor had to say. >> the president knew these letters were coming and you could keep your health care plan if you like it but that raises serious questions about the sales job of obama care and that's why we're a
. it's an untruth. >> that's right. the best defense we hear now is yeah, but if he had told the truth they never would have passed it. he's doing it for their own good. you idiots we know what is best for you. you wouldn't belief us but we know, we went to harvard. >> at what point, though, does if obama care, if they get the technology right, which they may do in the next few months gets big take up and even out the edges and begins to apparently work well. at what point does the republicans repeated actually fly against the national interest? >> i think it will not work. i mean -- >> hypothetically if it does. >> it can't. it can't. everything republicans said about it is coming true and forbes had a thing today, it will be on later. they can say the health plans they are forcing you into are much better, come on. do two gay guys need maternity care and prenatal care and maternity leave? no. all these things are required by insurance now. 94 million, that's what the white house predicted would be thrown off insurance plans they liked and picked for and what we saw fro
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)